Hong Kong's e-scrap is completely processed using Erdwich plants

According to a study, each inhabitant of Hong Kong generates an average of 21.7 kg of electronic waste per year, in addition to normal household waste.

In order to provide a sustainable solution to the urban waste problem, a huge recycling park for the recycling of a wide variety of materials was built in the Tuen Mun district between January 2017 and May 2018. Part of the concept of this industrial park (EcoPark) is the treatment and recycling of electronic scrap taken over by the international recycling specialist ALBA Group on behalf of the city of Hong Kong. All the necessary recycling lines for electronic scrap from various devices were provided by the German company Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH. These were shipped to Hong Kong in 76 40-foot containers with a total weight of approx. 800 tons in three deliveries. Within 12 months, the entire plant technology was set up, step for step, put into operation and the personnel trained on site. The largest order in the history of the recycling specialists Erdwich was thus completed and, following a successful trial phase, the plant was able to go into normal operation.

ECO Park Hongkong with Erdwich
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