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New guideline for handling metal swarf

Manufacturer of shredding systems demands clear guidelines for the residual oil content of metal chips..

In 2013 alone, 66 percent of the total turnover of the manufacturing industry in Bavaria came from companies that produce metal chips - a total of 214.5 million euros worth of chips. Thus, the chips are a secondary raw material of considerable value.

However, so-called cooling lubricants or coolants (CSFs) often adhere to them, which make recycling more difficult. In particular, the transport of chips containing residual oil or emulsion is associated with risks. The "Guide for the environmentally friendly handling of metal chips" published by ten industrial associations in 2014 points out the need to dispose of metal chips and coolants in an ecological way, but does not provide clear guidelines for the residual oil content of the chips, for example. However, Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH, an expert in shredding metal chips, is convinced that these are absolutely necessary for the practical use of the guide.