Volume reduction with Erdwich in the Antarctic...

...at GARS O’Higgins, a German polar research station.

GARS O’Higgins (German Antarctic Receiving Station), a German polar research station, is located on the six hectare Isolte Isabel Riquelme peninsula in Antarctica, at Cape Legoupil.

It is an unrivalled Antarctic station for acquiring earth observation data, satellite operations, geodetic measurements, researching change processes on the Antarctic Peninsula and enabling maritime services in this part of the world.

The supply of the team member and the disposal of waste represent a major challenge here. New deliveries are brought about every 6 months and household waste and refuse are disposed of. In order to reduce the transport volume, the garbage must be shredded on site.

Our M450 / 2-360 two-shaft shredder faces these extreme conditions! Its compact and very robust design reduces service and maintenance work to a minimum and it can be integrated into the station to save space. All waste such as household waste, cans, PET bottles, glass, cardboard boxes and canisters, is reliably shredded and processed. The material is handed in manually. If required, the material feed supports a manually operated hand presser on the hopper. The material is discharged freely downwards into on-site containers.

Do you also have a shredding problem under extreme conditions? We're here to help. Together we will find a suitable solution for you!

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