A Breath of fresh air for the sales team!

Our search has finally been successful! Our sales team has this week been strengthened by new blood...

In order to develop our sales network Mr. Gutmayr has been appointed to the area of General Reduction Technology, both at home and abroad.

Mr. Gutmayr has gained experience in sales office work and international customer service during his work with various regional companies. The ideal prerequisite for marketing our machines and plants, both nationally and internationally, and for building up new market areas.

The duties of our new sales colleague will also include work associated with the development of dealers, a large amount of work in the field and the setting-up of materials testing and consultations.

Mr. Gutmayr is not only a further strengthening of our sales team. His help means for us that we will be able to make a fresh and lively push into the international market place, establish new contacts and head into the next year with a full head of steam!