Last Exhibition in 2017

How time flies – our last exhibition of the year begins tomorrow. But we won´t be remaining in either Germany or Europe for it...

We are off to Macau - 9,086.03 km as the crow flies, to Asia!

At the Electronics and Cars Recycling WRF 2017 the focus is of course on the recycling of cars and electronic waste. A good chance for us to hold interesting discussions and to meet potential and international business partners.

A special highlight will be a tour of the new Eco-Park for recycling and environmental technology in the suburb of Tuen Muen. A part of this industrial park is also a treatment and recycling plant for officially regulated electronic waste, built by the international recycling specialists ALBA Group on behalf of the town of Hong Kong. Eight of the recycling lines that were required for this were supplied and delivered by us to the site in 75 containers at the beginning of the year.

It is “[…] presumed that this plant is the first of its kind in Asia. It is possibly even the first worldwide in which so many processes have been consolidated.”    In the future, the entire officially regulated electronic waste of Hong Kong will be processed and salvaged here.  

That is something we naturally don´t intend to miss!

So, onto the plane and we´re off! We are looking forward to four exciting days at the WRF 2017 exhibition!