Music at sunshine, successful surprises, suckling pig and a welding machine

On Friday, our small summer and inauguration festival took place. Bright blue sky, chilled drinks, laughing children and a cozy lighting: What more could you long for on a Friday night?

After a lot of our employees and their companions had gathered on our terrace, and after a small opening address, the suckling pig was first taken from the grill and distributed to the hungry guests. While eating, however, no one suspected that there would be a later highlight of this celebration ...

The surprise had already been developed secretly in the production several days before: An over-dimensionally large Erdwich logo made from metal had been welded together painstakingly by all the employees of the company. Of course, not only the welding professionals were here at work, but also laymen, who rather are experts in doing other things.

As a gift to the inauguration, the family Erdwich was led into the hall on the evening of the celebration and they were also familiarized with the welding machine. Last gaps had to be closed after all. So, the tasks were to weld, raise, put outside and admire - the new trademark logo now turns joyfully in all directions in front of the entrance.

Afterwards, all participants were comfortably sitting together, discussing private topics and enjoying the rest of the summer evening together - a successful day ended.