Necessity is the mother of invention: The first example of the compact version of the M400 leaves the works.

Our single-shaft shredder M400 now fits in a drawer!

New compact construction: This single-shaft shredder is constructed that it is suitable for use in the smallest of spaces.

The distinctive feature:

Thanks to its compact construction suiting it to being installed in a frame with a drawer system at the customer site, it is possible to remove the shredder from the frame in double-quick time in the event of a breakdown or for maintenance.

The customer will be using the M400 for the reduction of soiled litter from rodents, which comes from around 1100 cages and weighs some 340 kg.

The shredder is equipped with a pneumatic press feed system in order to better feed the lightweight material to the cutting equipment. The feed is effected by means of a conveyor on site and the reduced material extracted using a vacuum device which is on site, mounted below the shredder.

Erdwich Single-Shaft Shredder