From the end of the year we will be based in Igling, a neighbouring village of Kaufering...

 Our new site covers 15,000 square metres. So, 44 years after its formation, a new home is being created for our production as additional space is needed. The initial ground-breaking has already taken place and moving to our new facilities is scheduled for later this year. We invested four million euros in the construction of a 2,750 square metres production area and a 750 square metres office building.

In our existing base in Kaufering, our company was bursting at the seams. Under these circumstances, it had become almost impossible to deal with new orders. If everything stays on schedule, the fist machines for the latest ›Hongkong order‹ will be partially assembled and prepared for shipment to China in the new production facility. This, by the way, is also the largest order so far in the company's history.

The new construction is in full progress and represents a major milestone for us.
So far, everything has gone according to plan and on schedule. The next steps will lead to the completion of the whole construction: Windows will be installed and floors laid.

The location in Igling’s new industrial park is quick and easy to reach via the nearby motorway exit. Igling has a population of around 2,500 inhabitants and is located a few kilometres to the west of Kaufering and Landsberg am Lech.

We look forward to providing you with further news about our new development in Igling in the near future.