Latest news about our new premises - Move from Kaufering to Igling

8 months construction, hundreds of telephone calls and many helping hands – our new premises in Igling are nearing completion!

Our office complex has been stripped of its mantle of scaffolding and is a sight to behold!
Internally the floors have already been laid, cabling and plastering carried out and tiles laid.

While last details are being completed, a start has been made with the move of our production facilities from Kaufering. The old production hall in Kaufering is emptying and the new halls in Igling are filling up.

At the end of February, once the offices have been successfully installed in the new premises, we will draw breath, have a cleanup and clean the windows.

Then we will be ready to start the year in the new location, charged with fresh energy and motivation.


By the way, we will also be letting our existing premises in Kaufering!
You´ll find more information about this under the following links:

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Object 2