Here we are again!

Have you survived the Christmas festivities and New Year´s celebrations?

We definitely have! And we have all recovered and arehappily anticipating what 2018 holds in store for us! We wish you all a successful start to the New Year!

Above all there were significant changes which took place in our sales team at the end of the year, whereby we said goodbye to Mr Graf and hello to a new colleague, so that refreshed and full of energy we are starting off with a small restructuring.

In February we will also welcome another additional colleague to further strengthen our sales team.
In the coming year there are many new projects awaiting us, a number of exhibitions across the globe and other plans which we will of course, as usual, be sharing with you.

Once again a sincere thank you to one and all for the great co-operation during the last year, and we are looking forward to an eventful 2018!

Or as we would say in Bayern: Pack ma´s! („Packen wir es an!“ in German!) Or in English: Let´s go for it!