Your Erdwich Service Package!

Suchen Sie eine Zerkleinerungsmaschine oder sogar eine komplexe Recyclinganlage für Ihr spezielles Material?...


Are you looking for a shredding machine or even a complex recycling plant for your special material application?

We would be happy to provide you with advice and test your material without any obligation, in order to provide you with the greatest possible success. Whether volume reduction, destruction or recycling – we tailor your machine to meet your individual needs.

In testing your materials we provide you with the widest variety of options at our test centre. Then we will provide you with a detailed report of the test, including photos, videos and a precise process protocol.

If you then proceed to purchasing your own machine, you will naturally not be left alone with it. Possible maintenance contracts, original replacement parts and technicians who are always available and indeed information materials are available to help provide you with the problem free use of your installation.

  • Execution of tests with your materials – including photo and video documentation
  • Regular maintenance for the highest performance and service life
  • Personal and comprehensive advice
  • Immediate availability of original spare parts
  • Continuous availability of information materials

Does it sound interesting? Then please send us your request, without any obligation, and together we will work out the perfect solution for your particular materials problem. Just fill out our questionnaire: In that way we can address ourselves to you in a more targeted manner.

We look forward to hearing from you!