All machines are completely overhauled with grinded set of knives. Machines can be designed with new base frame, funnel and control unit according to customer’s request – for some machines used accessory is also available.

*Pictures can differ

Two-Shaft shredder SM830/2-1000-2x15 kW          


Machine No.:                                 2326

Size of cutting unit:                      1000 x 800 mm

Drive power:                                2 x 15  kw

Knife width:                                 50 mm

Number of knifes:                        20

Year of manufacture:                   2012

Only cutting unit.

Fixed price: 45.000 € + VAT (value added tax) EXW Igling

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Two-Shaft Shredder M250/2-230-3 kW          

Machine No.:                       1255

Size of cutting unit:             250 x 230 mm

Drive power:                       3 kw

Knife width:                         8 mm

Number of knifes:                29

Year of manufacture:          2002

Cutting unit without control unit and without funnel and frame

Fixed price: 4.000 € + VAT (value added tax) EXW Igling

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Two-Shaft Shredder M465/2-480-11 kW  


Machine No.:                          2167

Size of cutting unit:               480 x 580 mm

Drive power:                         11 kW

Knife width:                           30 mm

Number of knifes:                  16

Year of manufacture:             2011

Complete with machine frame, funnel and control unit.

Fixed price: 19.500 € + VAT (value added tax) EXW Igling

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