Centralised and decentralised solutions for metal swarf shredding.

In metal-working shops utilising swarf-producing manufacturing techniques, the generated swarf is often an underestimated cost factor that influences the service life and productivity of the expensive machine tools:

  • The machine operator must drive swarf containers away instead of working productively on the machine tool
  • If the swarf container becomes overfilled, swarf re-enters the conveyor system. As a result, the conveyor jams and the machine is halted.

The key challenge here is therefore  process reliability.

For efficient swarf management, ERDWICH offers proven centralised and decentralised solutions with the following benefits:

  • Greater process reliability for the machine tool
  • Lower transportation costs, thanks to higher bulk weight
  • Higher rate of return on scrap sales
  • Reclamation of coolants and lubricants
  • Significantly reduced personnel costs for swarf handling
  • Improved occupational safety

Whether centralised or decentralised, Erdwich lets you handle swarf management in double-quick time. To get an idea of what we’re capable of, please see the following Case Studies.

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