Swarf shredder: Centralised and decentralised solutions for metal swarf shredding.

Swarf is unavoidable in stock removal processes, but intelligent chip treatment can lead to significant cost savings and increase process reliability. Erdwich chip shredders are the right tools for this purpose. They reduce chip volume and remove residues of cutting oil and cooling lubricants. This reduces transport costs and increases the scrap value of the chips. Our Erdwich chip shredders are available as centralised and decentralised solutions for optimum use in different production environments.

For efficient swarf management, ERDWICH offers proven centralised and decentralised solutions with the following benefits:

  • Greater process reliability for the machine tool
  • Lower transportation costs, thanks to higher bulk weight
  • Higher rate of return on scrap sales
  • Reclamation of coolants and lubricants
  • Significantly reduced personnel costs for swarf handling
  • Improved occupational safety

Whether centralised or decentralised, Erdwich lets you handle swarf management in double-quick time. To get an idea of what we’re capable of, please see the following Case Studies.

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Swarf shredder for efficient treatment of waste

Decentralised is ideal. A decentralised swarf shredder reduces the volume of swarf at the point where swarf is produced: on the machine. This minimizes interruptions in the production process caused by chip treatment. Where a decentralised solution for the chip treatment is not possible, for example due to lack of space, central swarf Whether centralized or decentralized, by using one of Erdwich's sophisticated solutions for shredding chips to extend your machine running times and reduce non-productive time, you increase the cost-effectiveness of your machine and personnel deployment. In addition, there are the reduced costs for the removal of the chips, savings through the recovery of cooling lubricants and the higher revenues in the scrap trade due to the reduced contamination of the swarf A whole series of reasons that make the use of Erdwich chip shredders attractive. More detailed information on the possibilities of chip management with Erdwich swarf shredders can be found under the menu "Application Area" and in our brochure, which you can download below.


Here you will find the optimal solution for your chip management

The requirements for swarf treatment are as varied as the factories in which metal parts are processed. Use our inquiry forms and we will respond individually to your general conditions and your requirements. We have suitable solutions for shredding of swarf from a few kilograms to several tons of swarf an hour for various kinds of swarf and different kinds of special treatments such as tank Ask us, we will be happy to advise you individually.