High-efficiency solutions for the shredding and sorting of special waste, bulky items and industrial waste.

The shredding and sorting of rubbish and refuse is one of the key challenges within the waste management cycle. And with ERDWICH systems, there is a perfect set of solutions for meeting any of these application scenarios:

  • Household rubbish, bulky items and industrial waste, mixed
  • Pre-processing of waste samples for analysis
  • Catering waste, waste from hotels/restaurants
  • Hospital waste
  • Special waste in liquid and paste form
  • Explosive hazardous waste
  • Waste in the form of aerosols and cans

System solutions range from simple shredding machinery through waste volume reduction
plant to complete turnkey facilities for shredding and sorting.

Deployed in waste sorting facilities, waste incineration plant, hospitals, major catering businesses, light and heavy industry, composting firms or waste reclamation units, ERDWICH wastes no time with waste.

With hundreds of machines and systems deployed worldwide, use market-leading ERDWICH technology to ensure your success in special waste recycling. To get an idea of what we’re capable of, please see the following Case Studies.

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