Shreds it all, with two independent drive systems.

The ERDWICH cardboard shredder happily accepts not just cardboard but also fruit crates, polystyrene packaging and other types of packaging.
The EKZ has two shafts with independent drives: one high-speed shredder shaft and one slow-speed feed-in shaft. The feed-in shaft feeds the packaging to the shredder shaft, which then shreds the cardboard in double-quick time. In addition to the standard setup – a standalone machine that is either hand- or belt-fed – the EKZ cardboard shredder can also be set up to work in tandem with pressed-waste containers.

Technical features:

  • Rugged twin-shaft shredder principle
  • Screw-fitted, replaceable feeder and shredder sections
  • Slow-speed, low-maintenance chain drive
  • Externally-mounted shaft bearings
  • Wide range of sizes and form factors
  • PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down