Simple maintenance:
Individually fitted, replaceable cutter discs on the cutter rotor
Low-noise, low-dust operation:
Slow-running rotor
Savings on operating costs:
Long service life guaranteed by cutters fully hardened to permit repeated re-sharpening
Tailor-made plant, even where space is at a premium:
Custom cutter element models and a range of drive system options
Efficient, safe operation:
PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down to protect the machine against damage from overloading or solid parts
Configurable throughput and particle size:
Configurable population of the cutter discs on the cutter rotor and individual perforated screen geometries
Optimal feed-in thanks to use of a special pressure angle for the cutters and optimum shredding results even at low speeds
Moist material processing possible:
With externally placed shaft bearings and integrated bulkhead seals, no milled product or liquid materials can enter the bearings.