Simple maintenance:
Fast access to cutter shaftsIndividually fitted, replaceable cutters, spacing rings and sweepers
Highly-efficient shredding:
High-precision cutter assembly with cutter shapes adjusted to the materialConfigurable population of the cutter discs on a 6-sided shaft, ensuring optimum feed-in behaviour
Cost-effective, safe operation:
PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down to protect the machine against damage from overloading or solid parts
High throughput – low drive power consumption:
Tightest-possible cutter spacing, ensuring energy-saving shredding without causing machine jams Special sweeper systems with self-cleaning feature
Savings on operating costs:
Long service life guaranteed by cutters from custom blade steel, fully hardened to permit repeated re-sharpening
Robust and long-lived:
Generously dimensioned, milled cutter shaftsBulkhead seals to protect the shaft bearing from liquid and aggressive materials