Erdwich – Shredding unlimited

Innovation comes as standard.

As a highly-specialised engineering and manufacturing company, ERDWICH can draw on over 40 years of experience to offer superior services in recycling and shredder technology.

Shredders, custom solutions, turnkey recycling facilities and a global service form our core competencies, all supported on a day-to-day basis by our passionate and committed team.

More than 7.000 machines in over 91 countries throughout the world are the calling card for our unique and successful corporate philosophy, which places our customers and their needs at the centre of our decisions and actions – with no ifs or buts.

For us, innovation is our daily benchmark, not least because our long-serving, experienced employees work with our customers to create the perfect, customer-specific solution for each and every application.

Whether you’re looking to process metal swarf, refrigeration units, electronic scrap, printed circuit boards, cardboard, plastics, special or bulky waste – we have the solution you need.

And ERDWICH is also your professional partner if you want to completely rethink your approach. After all, our Test Centre puts us in a position to hone your requirements to perfection under real-world conditions and create the environment required for convincingly implementing every last detail of your investment project.

Owner-managed, with personal, dedicated support, short response times and a comprehensive service portfolio, we give you first-class quality, "Made in Bavaria". Get to know us. Find out more at