Size reduction of cast component

Making Short Work Of Bulky Cast Elements.

Many light and non-ferrous metal foundries are faced with the difficult hurdle of dealing with bulky waste consisting of punching burrs or rejects, which are a hindrance to optimal processing.

Casting machines which involve the investment of many millions of euros cannot be used to their full capacity because production waste cannot be removed quickly enough.

But it does not have to be that way!

Safe reprocessing of cast elements - with us, no cast part can resist any more

We help you with our shredders installed directly by the casting cell / die-casting machine.

You have a wide range of shredders at your disposal to realize the most optimal solution:

  • The M600 single-shaft compact shredder for die-cast components up to 2 kg
  • The H480 two-shaft shredder for mid-size components up to 10 kg
  • The RM1350 ripper for large elements (2200 x 1400 mm) up to complete coachwork structure components from the automotive industry production


Advantages of size reduction of castings:

  • Less material loss
  • Better handling, as the material becomes pourable
  • Fast, reliable and process-safe discharge possible
  • Massive volume reduction
  • Increased process reliability
  • Rapid process refeeding of the material
  • Optimized re-heating behaviour in the melting furnace
  • Increased utilization of die casting machines
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Easier recycling of the material