Pharmaceutical industry

In the production of pharmaceuticals, all batches that do not meet the official standards must be destroyed in compliance with the legal regulations for chemicals and waste. Pharmaceuticals or expired medicines must be disposed of in accordance with these regulations. Shredding and rendering the unusable products unrecognizable greatly increases the safety standards of companies.
Not only faulty batches from production, but also rejects and expired stock must be shredded or destroyed.

This continually presents pharmaceutical companies with the following challenges:

  • Prevent misuse
  • Dust-tight destruction processes
  • Ensure optimum disposal
  • Separate liquids from the packaging materials

Specialised shredding systems make the disposal of pharmaceutical waste safer and more cost-effective

The disposal must be carried out by all pharmaceutical companies in accordance with the regulations. Nevertheless, the issue is inclined to be considered a cost factor and a necessary evil. More and more pharmaceutical manufacturers are shredding their waste and thus increasing their safety standards.

Our shredders destroy dangerous, qualitatively questionable or unapproved preparations absolutely safely! Only complete destruction can safely prevent uncontrolled distribution and illegal trading.

The focus of the processing of pharmaceuticals is primarily on the safety of employees in handling these types of waste. For this reason, great importance is attached to a clean and closed construction in the designing of the machine or plant, in order to protect the employees during filling and removal of the processed material.

We also protect the environment from unnecessary pollution through special safety measures with closed discharge systems or air extraction systems. Infusion bottles, glass bottles with liquids, blister packs, tablets and many more - with our extensive product range of small to large single-shaft shredders, equipped with a perforated screen underneath, we offer the right solution for almost every application.

Individual shredding solutions for optimized material handling

Our machines destroy dangerous, qualitatively questionable or unapproved preparations absolutely safely and compliant with the latest pharmaceutical standards. We also protect the environment from unnecessary pollution through special safety measures with closed discharge systems or air extraction systems. We thus provide you with complex turnkey and tailor-made total solutions.

Shredding of blister and pharmaceutical packaging

Shredding of blister and pharmaceutical packaging

Crushing of cuvettes & separation of liquids

Shredding plants for reliable processing

In connection with plant components such as lifting or lifting and tilting devices, screw conveyors, scrubbers and separation technologies as well as extraction and filter systems, ERDWICH also supplies customer-specific and turnkey plants.

Examples of different plants:

  • Large-scale plant for shredding the contents of 1.1 cbm containers, movable, installation in the open air
  • Shredding plant installed over 2 floors of the building
  • Large-scale shredder for size reduction of complete cardboard drums with their contents
  • Shredding plant with press container
  • Plant with mobile shredder and 3 press containers
  • Plant for manual feeding and discharge into 1.1 cbm container
  • Plant with three-shaft shredder for dust-tight operation

Shredding and dehydration plants for infusion bottles and similar materials:

  • Shredding plant with drainage flume and discharge belt
  • Multi-functional shredding plant for shredding infusion bottles (wet) or alternatively blister packaging (dry)
  • Shredding plant with discharge via screw with integrated rinsing device
  • Shredding plant with dehydration screw and lifting and tilting device

In order to meet these requirements with maximum process reliability, a partner is required who has many years of expertise and sound manufacturing competence. And there is one!

We at ERDWICH are enthusiastically waiting to work on your challenges. Use the leading ERDWICH technology for your success in the market segment of the pharmaceutical industry.

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