Plastic barrels and containers (IBCs)

Acids, alkalis, solvents, isocyanates - Anyone dealing with hazardous substances and transporting them in containers is always faced with the problem of proper disposal of the containers in the end.

For a long time, the common practice of reconditioners was to dismantle used and non-reusable containers after cleaning and either recycle or dispose of each substance separately. The plastic inner containers were collected and transported by truck to the waste incineration plant. However, this method caused very high transport and disposal costs. Large-volume containers such as 200 litres barrels, refuse containers of up to 1.1 cbm, IBC containers with a capacity of up to 1.5 cbm, car bumpers and other large plastic parts can, though, be returned to the recycling process by targeted processing.

Individual plant engineering for effective volume reduction.

Here, our shredders are persuasive. With the twin-shaft shredder, the material can be shredded into strips, while the three-shaft shredder can define the size of the piece more precisely by means of a sieve mounted underneath.

In the case of very large-volume containers, a feed press is integrated in the hopper so that the material can be safely picked up by the cutting gear. Depending on your requirements, we also offer various components (conveyor systems, washing equipment through to granulation) for a turnkey plant.  

The combination of pre-shredding and granulation is an extremely economical solution, as the energy consumption can be kept very low.

Advantages in shredding large-volume plastic containers:

  • Slow-running shredding system - resulting in:
  1. Less wear on the knives
  2. Low noise generation, dust-free size reduction
    Low sensitivity to foreign bodies (machine has automatic reverse device)
  • High throughput rates
  • Double bearing seals with ERDWICH bulkhead wall technology - even when processing bubbles containing residual material, the bearing is protected from penetrating moisture (including paints and solvents).

Crush IBCs and barrels? Erdwich is the expert!

Environmentally relevant substances are often stored in containers and drums that are used in industry. Naturally, this makes disposal somewhat more complex. The Erdwich experts offer you options with which your IBC containers and barrels can be conveniently shredded, disposed of sustainably and possibly even made reusable.

Two or three shaft shredders in use

Plastic containers that have to be disposed of have different requirements for the comminution due to their special volume, their shape or the content they have stored. We therefore offer two- and three-shaft shredders, which shred the plastic into strips or pieces, or bring it into a defined piece size through a sieve insert. It is also possible for us to support the shredding process with the help of pressing devices so that the material is optimally gripped and shredded.

Granules for further use

We then process the pre-reduced plastic parts in the granulator to make them accessible for a new use. If desired, the shredded parts can also be washed beforehand and all pollutants removed. You have the choice, how we should reduce your IBC containers and drums individually.