Why Erdwich

We have five sound answers to this question!

  1. Innovation comes as standard!
    We design individual, customer-specific machines and plant to match every material and volume specification.  We don’t simply sell a product: pursuing our goal of maximum customer satisfaction, we create the best-possible solution from a technical and business perspective.
  2. Quality Made in Bavaria
    Our modular machines and systems are of an impressively high quality,
    are long-lasting and require little in the way of maintenance.  Rugged, reliable, energy-efficient and durable: that’s our goal, developed out of many long years of experience.
  3. Personal, dedicated advice
    Experienced project managers provide you with support from planning to commissioning.
    Honesty and a sense of responsibility towards our partners guide the decisions we make and the actions we take.
  4. Short response times
    A direct management style and long-serving staff with the authority to think for themselves promote rapid decision-making and accelerate project completion.
  5. We’re passionate about service.
    We offer you a comprehensive service package – from the experienced handling of your initial enquiry through to technical service and professional maintenance. Driven by our primary objective of customer satisfaction, we always strive to be better.

Like the sound of it?

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