Test runs under real-world conditions.

Test materials under real-world conditions, perform fine-tuning, explore alternatives – it’s all offered by the Erdwich Test Centre. For you as our customer, the Test Centre’s end result gives you a firm foundation for your investment decision.

The Erdwich Test Centre gives you the full range of our product expertise: single-, twin- and triple-shaft shredders, cardboard shredders and hammer mills.

The test materials can be tipped directly into the chosen machine.
To optimise subsequent production quality test results, you can also choose from a broad spectrum of highly varied machine equipment such as blades, tools and screens.

Separate versions of machine controls mean that various running speeds are possible, and key parameters such as power consumption, pressure, reversing behaviour and many more can be documented to ensure process quality.

This lets us work with you to achieve optimum reporting on test results, which yields the decisive criteria for the correct design of your ideal machine.

Video and photo documentation, films and test logs all play their part in generating ample evidence for reporting on individual test runs.

The Erdwich Test Centre: a simple approach to investment!

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