Data Sheets

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Single Shaft Shredder

Single-Shaft-Shredder M400

Single-Shaft-Shredder M600

Single-Shaft-Shredder M700

Single-Shaft-Shredder M800

Two Shaft Shredder

Two-Shaft-Shredder M250

Two-Shaft-Shredder M465

Two-Shaft-Shredder H500/2R SD

Two-Shaft-Shredder M350

Two-Shaft-Shredder M468

Two-Shaft-Shredder M400

Two-Shaft-Shredder M/H480

Two-Shaft-Shredder M450

Two-Shaft-Shredder H500/2R

Three Shaft Shredder

Three-Shaft-Shredder M465

Three-Shaft-Shredder M/H480

Four Shaft Shredder

Four-Shaft-Shredder M475

Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill HA600

Hammer Mill HA800

Cardboard Shredder

EKZ Cardboard Shredder (Standalone)

EKZ Cardboard Shredder (vertical)

FKZ Cardboard Shredder


Two-Shaft-Ripper RM 1350

Two-Shaft-Ripper RM 1800


Swarf-Shredding-Drum TSZ

Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve ZRS