Refrigerator recycling

Recycle your cooling units efficiently and safely.

Several million scrap refrigerator units are disposed of every year in Germany alone. The proportion of refrigeration units recycled by volume totals about 40% and is the most significant segment after consumer electronics.

One particular challenge in this recycling process is presented by chlorofluorocarbons such as R 11, R 12 or R 141b, which were used for decades as foaming agents for insulation materials. Since these substances damage the Earth’s ozone layer when released, they must be removed and collected securely in a closed-system pre-processing plant.

The fact that pre-processing of legacy refrigeration units always needs to be carried out in accordance with the latest technological standards means that plant operators gain a decisive advantage when working with an innovative and experienced plant manufacturer.

Refrigerator recycling without any risk - we even reclaim pentane and VFC/VHC with 99% purity!

If you are responsible for the safe handling of refrigerators in the recycling process, you need a reliable and innovative partner at your side.

With our systems, you have the security of the most up-to-date and technologically leading solutions even in demanding and safety-sensitive sector of refrigerator recycling.

Our ERDWICH plants have already processed more than 30 million refrigerators and are therefore the best example of our expertise in cooling appliance recycling.

The benefits of an Erdwich system:

  • Fully automated handling from the moment of placement on the roller conveyor
  • Automated plant control, with concurrent monitoring and documentation of all process parameters
  • Full enclosure of high-noise facility components offers optimum noise abatement
  • ERDWICH technology makes an inert atmosphere redundant for foamed CFC refrigeration plant – but is possible at any time if the input material changes
  • Compact solutions significantly reduce spatial requirements
  • The latest technological solutions are always available ASAP
  • Compliant with new DIN EN 50625-2-3 and CLL/TS 50625-3-4 July 2017

Refrigeration reprocessing process

1. Input

Refrigerators, freezers
Refrigerator/freezer combinations

2. Processing

Pollutant removal: extraction, degassing
Compressor separation, pre-disassembly
Processing (shredders, hammer mills, rippers)
Fraction separation

3. Output

Refrigerants, propellants
Polystyrene (PS), polyurethane (PU insulation)
Ferrous metals (Fe)
Non-ferrous metals (NE)