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When it comes to specific application solutions for shredding and recycling you are absolutely right at ERDWICH. Our shredding machines, hammer mills and plants evidencing in over 80 countries worldwide that high-class quality and superior technology pay off. Our machines perform their best every day for customers in different sectors.

And one thing is uniting:

The right decision for sophisticated and beneficial technology.
The decision for shredding machines, hammer mills and plant engineering by ERDWICH.

Shredding machines

Erdwich shredding machines prove their worth every day in all areas of application, and for good reasons. First of all, our product range includes a suitable shredder for each sector, namely single-shaft shredders, two- and three-shaft shredders, twin-shaft shredders, cardboard shredders and hammer mills. In addition, we do not simply deliver our machines off-the-shelf, but adapt them to meet the individual needs of each application. This means that your Erdwich shredder is also optimally suited to your requirements and the material you process. The best prerequisites for efficient and economical machine use.

Individually optimised shredding machines for every area of application

The basis for the optimum performance of an Erdwich shredder is our wide range of product design options. First of all, we can select a machine with the most suitable cutting principle for every application from our range of models. By selecting the most favourable drive variant and varying the cutterbar length, we optimize the throughput of your Erdwich shredder for exactly the material you need in your production. A few examples of applications in which Erdwich shredders have proven their worth in use include shredding metal chips from metal cutting production, die-cast aluminium and stamped parts, cardboard packaging material, substitute fuels as well as electrical scrap, refrigerators or hazardous waste. A detailed list can be found under the menu item "Other areas of application".

Economic and efficient shredding with a Erdwich shredder

The shredding of waste products serves in particular to reduce volume and thus saves costs. In other areas of application, shredding is necessary for process-related reasons, for example in the analysis of substitute fuels. To ensure that your investment in our shredding machines pays off, we supply you with efficient tools that fit perfectly into your production process. Convince yourself of the many possibilities and the wide range of Erdwich shredders in our online offer, use our enquiry form, which you will find linked below or call us. In addition, our newsletter will provide you with information about new developments in our Erdwich shredders.