Laboratory and analysis technology

The shredding of solid waste materials represents an important process step in recycling technology.

For the analysis of a sample, it is often necessary to reduce its size during sample preparation.

Exact sample comminution for subsequent analysis.

The aim of size reduction is to process the feed material to a defined piece size in order to prepare it optimally for subsequent process steps. Depending on your requirements, material and desired end product, we offer you customized shredding solutions.

When it comes to shredding, different main functions are available:

  • Disintegration for the separation of composite materials
  • Production of grain sizes in order to be able to carry out varietal separation

For the analysis of various composites, it is therefore essential to break down these materials to such an extent that the constituents can be very precisely analysed. We offer you an extensive range of products for material-specific size reduction.


  • Fast, easy maintenance of the machine due to individually inserted, removable knife discs
  • Stable, durable knives (multiple regrinding possible)

Erdwich Shredder M400 and M600 special "easy cleaning" version.

Plants with this hydraulic "Easy Clean" function can be opened at the push of a button to clean the collecting container and cutting gear of the machine. This is particularly advantageous in industries where sensitive or very expensive materials are used, such as research, environmental and pharmaceutical laboratories.

There, the samples often have to be processed and crushed before they can be analysed regarding their chemical composition. In these processes, however, the materials to be examined may by no means be contaminated by residues of previously comminuted samples. Thus, a regular cleaning of the shredding plant is essential. With the new technology, the interior of the plant can be checked and cleaned of residues particularly quickly and with little effort.

The machine can be opened by means of a hinge so that the cutting gear can be completely exposed for cleaning. This enables you to recover valuable materials without having to expend a lot of time and effort.

The plants are still equipped with individual, interchangeable knife discs at the cutting rotor, allowing for maintenance to be carried out within a short space of time. In addition, the knives can be reground several times.

Possible machines