Our seven company values.

  • Maximise customer benefit
    Instead of a primary focus on maximising profits, all of our efforts are aimed at
    offering customers the greatest possible benefit
  • Customer orientation
    We maintain the closest possible links with our customers’ working environments, to achieve dedicated
    customer orientation.
  • Our vision
    We’re never happy with average. Only the highest quality working standards for each of our employees, suppliers and service providers ensure the first-class performance that maximises benefit. A pioneering spirit and a willingness to engage in continuous improvement – that’s typically ERDWICH.
  • Focus instead of fragmentation
    We concentrate on expanding our core competencies and strengths, rather than losing our way in a host of different activities.
  • Getting the job done
    If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.
  • Every contact is a positive experience
    We want to turn every customer contact into a positive experience.
  • Global
    The world is our market, both for sales and procurement: we think and act globally.