Erdwich Customer Service

Ready to help: whenever and wherever.

As a long-standing, successful manufacturer of machinery and plant, our own experience reminds us of the importance of sincere, high-quality and lasting service.
Accordingly, we have put together a service package that naturally places you, the customer, at the centre of our philosophy and our business, even after your purchase. Because customer satisfaction always comes first at Erdwich.

Whether factory approval, installation, commissioning or start-up support – we handle the details. Of course, our service also includes all test runs, training for your operator and servicing personnel, clearly-intelligible operating instructions and spare parts catalogues.

Thanks to our rapid logistics network, our spare parts service is just as first-rate as our service technician support – available on-site at short notice. And this doesn’t just cover servicing or troubleshooting for your machine or system but also applies to general overhauls, too.

Erdwich Customer Service. When you need us, we’re there – worldwide!