Destruction of storage media

Storage media containing confidential data and information are very diverse. Digital media play an increasingly important role in our era alongside the classic data carrier paper.

All too often, however, hard disks are handled very carelessly when old equipment is disposed of. The result is that valuable information falls into the wrong hands and may cause substantial damage running into millions.

The DIN standard 66399 takes this diversity into account and defines safety for all modern media and describes the requirements for both machines and processes for the destruction of data carriers. Standard-compliant destruction of stored data can only be achieved by mechanical destruction of the device. A recovery of data from the shredded devices is thus rendered impossible.

Our shredders reliably destroy your data media.

Our Erdwich technology prevents the reproduction of sensitive data. With our shredders, we offer safe and reliable destruction of storage media in accordance with DIN standard 66399. In the course of hard disk destruction, all hard disk layers, mechanisms and components are destroyed. Thus, all data are deleted irrecoverably.

With our stationary and mobile solutions for each of the protection classes covering a total of 7 security levels, we provide an absolutely secure and efficient solution for your data destruction.

Advantages of our shredders:

  • Secure, final destruction of data according to DIN 66399
  • Individual shredding solutions (independent whether stationary or mobile)
  • Exchangeable perforated sieves with different sieve sizes, depending on security level
  • Recovery of valuable raw and recyclable materials

Today, USB sticks are a typical requirement that can be handled absolutely

reliably, under controlled processing conditions with our Erdwich technology.

The destruction of hard disks in computers and laptops is one of the biggest challenges. The careless handling of sensitive
data is incomprehensible, as service providers equipped with Erdwich technology offer a perfect mobile service on site.

Even DVDs with sensitive information accumulate in businesses. The careless handling of sensitive data is incomprehensible,
as service providers equipped with Erdwich technology offer a perfect mobile service on site.

The destruction of car keys with coded information is an application that has become increasingly important in recent years.
Here, too, Erdwich offers process-reliable solutions that have already proven their worth.

Another requirement from the automotive sector is the destruction of engine control units.
The Erdwich shredding technology with a three-shaft system also ensures reliable results here.

Step by step to the appropriate data medium destruction.

According to DIN 66399, the protection requirements of your data are classified into three protection classes.


Protection class 1:

Normal protection requirement for internal data

Unauthorised disclosure or transfer would have limited negative effects on the company. The protection of personal data must be guaranteed. 

Protection class 2:

High level of protection required for confidential data

Unauthorized disclosure would have a significant impact on the company and could violate contractual obligations or laws. The protection of personal data must meet high standards.

Protection class 3:

Very high protection requirement for particularly confidential and secret data


Unauthorised disclosure or transfer would have serious, existentially threatening consequences for the company. The protection of personal data must be fully and unconditionally guaranteed.

Different security levels can be assigned to each protection class. Starting with security level 1 for data carriers with general data up to security level 7 for top secret high security data. The data carrier particle sizes in the security levels have also been adapted in line with the state of the art of the technology. Each type of data carrier is described by an abbreviation that precedes the security level.

For example, if a hard disk is destroyed according to security level H-5, no more personal data can be read or reconstructed. Regardless of the required protection class, security level and type of data carrier processed, our tailor-made shredding solutions provide secure destruction of your data in accordance with the latest DIN standard 66399.

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